E&E Dental & Oral health clinic


Dr. Israr Razaq

BDS 2010, MJDF RCS - Director of Empower & Evolve

Dr. Israr Razaq strives to achieve the highest level of care for his patients. After qualifying from King’s College London he entered a two-year house officer job at Leeds Dental Institute. He presented a case at the 2012 International BSSPD conference and was the first author in a case study published in the European Journal of Prosthodontic and Restorative Dentistry.
He is a Member of the Joint Dental Faculties of Royal College of Surgeons England having successfully completed both part 1 and 2 examinations. Dr. Razaq also surgically places implants and restores them, having carried out training in the UK and USA including a program at Stony Brook University, New York. He has also had hands-on training with Maurice Salama and Eduardo Anitua.

Oral Healthcare Services

Treatments and Diagnostic services of Oral Health are carried out through the latest healthcare technology at Bangrilla community hospital. We are here to serve our patients with continuous improvement of the oral health and prevention of Dental disease while having Sterilization and disinfection protocols in accordance with international standards.


  • A qualified dentist and nurse will assess the patient’s issues and come up with a suitable treatment plan.
  • Routine and Emergency dental care to the local population.
  • The team will be responsible for routine check-ups and emergency treatment.
  • Screening for mouth cancer will be performed in the supervision of Experienced Staff.